Waikato Business for Children

Waikato Business for Children

Want a family fun day? Bring the kids to CallumBrae Family Golf & Cafe

By Mike Blake

Friends have been telling me to take a trip to CallumBrae Family Golf & Cafe and give the family a fun day.

After a bit of careful thought I figured that Callum Brae 25 on the their main logo is an address. Correct. And easy to find.

At the end of a short journey from the city I discovered a true gem, perched where many years ago the main Hamilton refuse tip claimed the town’s clippings and other unwanted junk.

It was a social area then, as I explained to CallumBrae Family Golf & Cafe director John Sung, where families backed up trailers, swapped bits of junk from one load to another and made friends of others on their tidy up missions.

Today, however, over gently rising humps of well-grassed land, a transformation has taken place, thanks to John’s parents and more recently, himself.

Golf was the core project when the business began in 1997 and it has been developed into the country’s only 18 holes Pitch&Putt (Par 3 golf course)

Attached to that is a grand 36 holes Mini Golf enterprise with a twist.

Built in 2003, 18 of the holes are bordered as usual but the other 18 holes have no sides for the ball  to wildly bounce off when in search of that elusive hole-in-one, and they need much more serious concentration.

This is another one-off for New Zealand and as well as solo golfers can also cater for large groups running corporate ‘tournaments’ and is an excellent spot to reinforce those team building exercises.

As a bonus to parents with toddlers there is a proper kiddies’ playground where mums and dads can sit, have a coffee and watch their progeny at play.

There is a council-dedicated space with a playing area for the big kids as well.

John, who was one of the top amateurs in Waikato Region , is keen to see folk of all ages trying their skill on the Pitch&Putt course and has tailored prices accordingly with adults paying $14, children $10 and seniors only $5. And if you do not have any golf clubs, don’t worry. They provide a golf ball and clubs free of charge. Or you can bring your own clubs.

This would be a golden opportunity to sharpen up your short game.

John stresses that CallumBrae Family Golf & Cafe is very family friendly.

“We cater for children’s parties…birthdays and large groups,” he said. “Every year a number of the region’s large corporates attend, with 70 to 80 staff and guests.

“They have an excellent time with their team building and golf challenges.”

In true community spirit, the ever approachable John is keen to help local schools with their fundraising efforts and donates tickets for raffles at school galas, as they have done for the last 10 years.

The cafe side of the business is also growing.

“We have confidence that we can offer customers a pretty good cuppa coffee from Yovin Italian Roast coffee and a large selection of Harney&Sons teas” said John. “And with the quality of the food offerings improving all the time, we are getting busier.

“People call by for a coffee,” he said. “It’s easy for a busy mum with pre-schoolers to drop in for a break and while the kids are hard at play, she can relax over a coffee and chat to the other mums who are enjoying the break.

“It’s very social and we get lots of groups with kids at the weekends,” said John.

CallumBrae Family Golf & Cafe , right in the middle of a large section of Rototuna housing is like an oasis…a huge expanse of green, dedicated to family play…it would be a shame to miss it.

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